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Free Haven Farms Founders


  • Imagine waking up to your own garden where you can harvest fresh produce

  • Imagine selling your crops and building a full time business out of gardening

  • Imagine how you can help your community through gardening

Grow Your Own Garden

Available Services

Empower Your Gardening Career Today



We teach guided farm and garden courses led by husband and wife, Farmacist Micaiah and Dr. Cynthia Hall.

Vegetables and link to growing workshop


We have bootcamps and workshops that you can attend. Perfect for those who want to create their own garden. 



Need a hand jumpstarting your green thumb and home garden? We're happy to help you! Let's grow together.



Have you been wondering what it takes to farm and live self sufficiently? Crack open this book for ALL the answers.



We have products that we make with our farm fresh produce, like our hot sauce, kale chips, and herbal teas.

About Free Haven Farms

Free Haven Farms was established in 2017 by Micaiah and Dr. Cynthia Hall in Lawnside, NJ. The vision of Free Haven Farms was to grow high quality, chemical-free produce and provide access to underserved communities. We immediately realized that education was just as if not more important than the produce itself and we developed educational programs such as our Summer Science Camp, in-school garden programs, and courses and workshops that teach people the various aspects of growing food.

About Free Haven Farms

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Stay Rooted, Keep Growing: Workshops & Lectures

Bless Up Y'all, 

At Free Haven Farms, we're dedicated to sharing knowledge and promoting sustainable living. As a black family-owned farm, we take pride in providing our community with the freshest, most delicious produce available. But we go beyond that - we're committed to offering workshops and educational programs that can transform the way we live.

Our team of experts is well-versed in various aspects of sustainable practices, from organic farming to permaculture and beyond. We believe in the power of education to create positive change, and we do it all while maintaining a professional and inclusive environment.

Whether you're an individual seeking to expand your eco-consciousness or a group eager to learn together, we're here for you. We'll tailor our sessions to suit your specific needs and interests, ensuring a meaningful and enlightening experience for all.

So, let's embark on this journey together! Reach out to us through the contact form below, and let's sow the seeds of sustainability, one step at a time.


- Stay Rooted, Keep Growing.

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Dr Cynthia
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